Production Examples:


Here is Mike playing and singing everything on the song "Alibis and Lullabies" which he cowrote with Ralph Whiteway. Scroll down for more examples of Mike as a "One Man Band" where he does it all (or mostly) himself. and Lullabies.mp3|Alibis and Lullabies

This is Joanne Lurgio singing "My Heart Has a Crazy Mind of  its Own"  from her album,  "Nothing Ramains the Same," produced here. This album won Motif Magazine's Americana Album of the Year.|My Heart Has a Crazy Mind of it's Own mp3

Here is Christian artist, Michael James Moore's song "The Rapture."|The Rapture

This is Joanne Lurgio's "Stone Walls" written by  Dan Bourdeau and Three Tall Pines, her son's band.|stone walls mp3

Here is Jeff Epperson singing  his song "It's All Country"|It's All Country website demo mp3

And, ace session singer, Tim Buppert, singing  "Montana Sun" by Tom Yeager and Adlai Waxman.|

Here's Samuel (joe) Harris' "Oklahoma Crude" sung by George Clark:|Oklahoma Crude website demo mp3

Christian artist Michael James Moore singing his song "You Are."|You Are website mp3

This is Bailey Bridges singing  her jazzy song "Froggy Bottom."|Froggy Bottom website demo mp3

German country star Michael Bohe, singing a song Woody Woodard and Mike wrote called "Hardwood Floors."|Hardwood Floors website demo mp3