Buddy likes our Demo Derby!


Occasionally, I put together what I call a "demo derby" for members of Just Plain Folks (JPF located at www.JPFolks.com ). A band of great pickers and I get together at JPF member, Rick Ott's Stringhouse Studio, and we rip through a bunch of demos for the JPFers.


You must be a member of JPF to take advantage of this offer. Membership is free and easy, click below and join. Just Plain Folks is the world's largest online musician networking organization, I am  proud to be a mentor for JPF, and the Demo Derby is my way of saying thanks. A portion of  each Demo Derby fee is donated to JPF.

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The songs playing on this page were all recorded at the 2007 or 2008 Demo Derbies. You hear Jeff Epperson, Heather Cowles singing Lynn Orloff's song, Joanne Lurgio with a song she upgraded to master for her new album, Harriet Ames with a tune that got her radio play, Vanessa Bailey's jazzy number, Bill Osofsky's song sung by George Clark, and Joe Wrabek's song "Test Tube Baby" (one of my all-time favorties.)

For $175 per song, you get a recording with live drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and steel or dobro or sax or flute. You have to add the vocals, yours or a friend or a demo singer, we have many avaiable, listen to Heather on the 2nd sample or George on the 7th sample above, they are two of our faves. If you are present at the recording, you may add a scratch track...if that track is good, then you are done (the vocal  tracks for Vanessa and Joe's songs were all sung at the derby and they work out fine) 

Watch this page for the date and info of the 2010 Demo Derby!!!

Here's a video of us at Rick Otts' Stringhouse during the 2008 Demo Derby. We're doing some songs for new young singing star Justice, written by her grandpa Tom Shea.  Thanks to Tom for taking it and putting it on YouTube. Appearing are Bobbie Gallup, helping with logistics, Willie Rainsford on keyboards, Mike Baker on guitar, Fred Satterfieild on drums, Rick Otts lounging on his stairs, I'm on bass and talking loudly, and, of course, Justice.

"Demos" are "demonstration recordings" and may not be sold, but they can be put on a website as streaming audio and offered for free download. "Masters" are recordings available for sale.  Demo derby songs may be, for an additional fee, upgraded at a later date to master recordings.

You can contact me for more info at mike@mikedunbarmusic.com or send me a message at JPFolks.com.