Here's more music from Mike and his friends                      

All music in this section is used with permission         

 I Been Walkin by Jeff K Dezern from his cd "Fishin Hole" Been Walkin.mp3|I Been Walkin

    This was a Mike Dunbar production.  

   Mike engineered, mixed and  mastered

   it along with playing all the instruments.

 Fishin Hole, the title track of Jeff K Dezern's new cd Hole.mp3|Fishin Hole

Also played and etc. by Mike.

Another Day by Christian/Pop artist Michael J Moore Day.mp3|Another Day

Drums (Pat McInerney) and electric guitar

(Mike Baker)  recorded at Vaughn Lofstead's 

Smokehouse studio. Keyboards (Dave Signs),

 flute and oboe (John Heinrich) upright bass, acoustic and 

electric guitars (Mike Dunbar) recorded at Mike's studio. 

Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Mike


City of Gold by Michael J Moore of Gold.mp3|City of Gold

Produced by Mike Dunbar. Basic tracks 

recorded at Dave Signs studio with the same 

band as above. Bass and acoustic 

guitars, mixing, editing and mastering by Mike

The Trinity Song (The Father Son and the Holy Ghost) Trinity Song (The Father Son and the Holy Ghost) 16bit 44.1kHz.mp3|The Trinity Song (The Father Son and the Holy Ghost) 16bit 44.1kHz

Written and produced by Mike Dunbar. 

The tracks come from a session of Mike's

original songs with members of Mike's 

"First Take Band" recorded in the 80's 

at Matrix Studios. Mike rewrote the lyrics

for his upcoming Christian Country album.

Keep an eye out here for much more music to come!